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Monday, December 31, 2012

Corvette Boutique - Corvette Apparel, Leather Jackets, Purses, Watches and Sunglasses

Genuine Corvette lincensed Apparel
You own a Corvette because its America’s sports car.  This is the car that you always wanted, not only because the Corvette's sleek design, or its high performance engineering, it’s because the Corvette is absolutely excellence in driving. 

This is the automobile that has dominated the sports car genre ever since it was first introduced by General Motors in 1953.  The genius, innovation and engineering of the Corvette has evolved through six distinct series of sports cars, each having unique design applications, both in body design and engine performance.  For over a half a century there's nothing else like it. 

The Corvette is a classic just like the official G.M. Corvette licensed apparel and accessories that we offer on the Corvette Boutique on line store.    Our Corvette leather racing jackets are fashioned in lambskin with inlaid and embroidered logos, and stylized with racing design for both men and women.  We offer Corvette sports jackets in nylon and cotton twill designed with equal sports car influenced design.  Our ladies Corvette purses are produced with the same fashion in lambskin with inlaid logos and racing design.  Our line of high performance Corvette watches offers something for everyone, both male and female.  The Corvette sunglasses we offer are produced with state of the art optical precision; the perfect complement to your Corvette experience.  

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